Nursing Related Headlines

As 2nd anniversary nears of Ebola breakout in West Africa, nurse provides firsthand account of combating Ebola
International nurse volunteers responding to the Ebola outbreak in West African encountered death on nearly every shift and worked under conditions that challenged their ingenuity in providing even...

Is giving birth at the weekend more dangerous?
New research delves into the worrying implications for mother and child of being born on a Saturday or Sunday, rather than a weekday.

2014-15 figures released for reported physical assaults against NHS staff in England
The 2014-15 figures for reported physical assaults against NHS staff in England have been released, provided by all NHS trusts in England and collated by NHS Protect.

Critical gaps in antenatal care identified in cases of term stillbirths
Expert enquiry identifies key steps for hospitals to improve care for pregnant mums and babiesA new study launched today (Thursday 19 November) has revealed key steps for hospitals to improve...

Midwife-led maternity care costs less per woman than consultant-led care in Ireland
Midwife-led care is as safe as consultant-led care and results in less intervention.

British nurse Pauline Cafferkey defeats Ebola - again
The British nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, recovered, then fell ill again, has made a full recovery and is well enough to return to Scotland, say her London doctors.

New vital sign monitoring system may improve care for hospitalized patients
A recent study indicates that a newly designed vital sign monitoring system can improve patient safety in medical and surgical units without an abundance of unnecessary alarms.

Greater support needed for pregnant transgender men
Many transgender men who have the capacity to bear children are faced with barriers in the healthcare system as a result of a lack of training, argue Juno Obedin-Maliver and Harvey Makadon in a...

Are more accurate due dates for expectant mothers possible?
A new meta-analysis of recent studies gives hope of predicting overdue pregnancy birth dates. Using measurements of cervix length could give more accuracy.

Pediatric practitioners campaign for antibiotic stewardship
Pediatricians, physician assistants and nurses across the country this month have pledged to help eliminate the overuse of antibiotics in children, citing the many harms caused when the medications...

Patients using nurse practitioners are less likely to have avoidable hospital admissions
UTMB study shows that patients who use a nurse practitioner for primary care are less likely to have potentially avoidable hospital admissionsNew research from The University of Texas Medical...

Cardiac patients receive comparable care from physicians, advanced practice providers
Study finds potential for collaborative care model, low compliance with performance measuresPatients with coronary artery disease, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation receive comparable...

Nurses could help cut smoking rates in China, according to UCLA-led study
New web-based tool empowered nurses to play a larger role helping patients quit smokingChina has a big smoking problem.

Perceptions of fetal size influence interventions in pregnancy, BU study finds
Nearly one-third of women, without a prior cesarean, reported that they were told by their maternity care providers that their babies might be ''quite large," leading to higher rates of...

Five things hospitals can do to improve outcomes of weekend surgeries
Studies have shown that patients who undergo surgeries on weekends tend to experience longer hospital stays and higher mortality rates and readmissions.

Factors influencing patient satisfaction vary by care settings
No 'one-size-fits-all' approach for boosting patient satisfaction across integrated care systemThe factors that determine the level of patient satisfaction with pediatric care vary significantly...

Study: Burnout impacts transplant nurses
More than half are emotionally exhausted, feel low personal accomplishment, says Henry Ford Hospital studyMore than half of nurses who work with organ transplant patients in the United States...

How health professionals help and hinder eradication of female genital mutilation
Migration has transferred the practice of genital mutilation of girls and women to countries where it was not common or does not originate, and the World Health Organization is campaigning to...

New Emergency Nurses Association study examines moral distress in emergency nurses
Breakthrough findings suggest moral distress is unique in ED settingA first-of-its-kind study from Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), published online in the Journal of Emergency Nursing, finds...

New article identifies issues for transgender treatment in emergency departments
Emergency Nurses Association highlights need for transgender patient care awarenessA new article about a transgender patient's "freak show" experience in a U.S.

How different types of nurses impact the health of patients with diabetes
More than 28,000 nurses in the UK can prescribe the same medicines as doctors provided that it is in their level of experience and competence.

Shortage of nurses not as dire as predicted, but challenges remain to meet nation's needs
News for the nation's nursing workforce isn't as dire as had been predicted a decade ago, but the nation is still expected to be short of nurses in coming years, according to new research by...

Indigenous neonatal care program helps mothers and babies, Australia
A community-based antenatal program designed to provide access to culturally appropriate care for pregnant Indigenous women in southern metropolitan Perth has shown encouraging signs of improving...

New method could help nurses spot delirium quickly
Asking just two questions may be able to help nurses and doctors quickly and easily identify delirium in hospitalized older adults, according to health researchers.

BCCDC puts call out for more doctors and nurses to help monitor for flu
Experts at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) are already gearing up to monitor flu-like illness for the coming season and they're looking for more community doctors and nurses to help.