Nursing Related Headlines

Elder abuse under-identified in US emergency departments
Elder abuse affects approximately 1 in 10 older adults in the United States and has far-reaching negative effects on physical and mental health.

Zika: Could virus spread via contact with sweat, tears?
Doctors discuss a rare case of a patient who died from Zika virus and the possibility of transmission to a second patient via contact with sweat and tears.

More adverse events in deliveries led by midwives, New Zealand study finds
Mothers using autonomously practicing midwives throughout their pregnancy and childbirth are more likely to have adverse outcomes for their newborns than those who use obstetricians, according to a...

A talk with a nurse can persuade hospital patients to quit smoking: Quit rates triple after short consultation, access to quit aids
A short talk with a knowledgeable nurse could be the difference between a smoker stopping for cigarettes or stopping for nicotine gum on her way home from the hospital.

Placenta plays pivotal "umpire" role to influence pregnancy outcomes
New research provides the first clear evidence that the amount of nutrients transported to the foetus by the placenta adjusts according to both the foetal drive for growth, and the mother's...

Sepsis deaths fell dramatically after hospital implemented simple steps
Hospital cuts sepsis deaths by 40 percent after introducing relatively simple steps such as increased ward nurse training and a special observation chart.

Simple measures cut sepsis deaths nearly in half
Sepsis, commonly called blood poisoning, is a common affliction that can affect people of all ages.

Nurse-driven protocols relieve ER crowding
Study shows how carefully written, nurse-initiated protocols targeted at certain patients relieved crowding in a busy, inner-city emergency room.

Teamwork, communication training recommended to ensure surgical safety
Each member of the surgical team should be empowered to speak up and take responsibility for patient care.

Labor induction: No association with autism
Contrary to a previous study, new research from more than 1.3 million births concludes that there is no association between labor induction and autism.

Medical center reduces blood waste, saves millions with new practices
By changing practices spanning ordering, transport, and storage of blood, an academic medical center reduces blood use by 30 percent and saves $2 million.

Concern over number of premature babies not receiving potentially lifesaving care
Study highlights an important shortfall in the uptake of evidence into practice.

Hospitals on alert for global emergence of deadly, drug-resistant yeast infection
Candida auris - a multidrug-resistant, invasive yeast infection with high mortality rates - has hit nine countries, prompting fears of a global emergence.

Contaminated gloves increase risks of cross-transmission of pathogens
Research being presented at the ASM Microbe research meeting provides clear evidence that the gloves of healthcare workers contaminate hospital surfaces with bacteria.

Nurses calling for more training to help them and other health care staff to support people with sickle cell disease
Sickle cell disease (SCD) is the most common serious genetic disorder in Britain, affecting around 15,000 adults and children.

'OB Nest': A novel approach to prenatal care
"OB Nest": Just the name may bring warm feelings to parents and prospective parents. However, at Mayo Clinic, it's much more than a name. It's a new way that Mayo Clinic is providing prenatal care.

Could swaddling babies for sleep raise risk of SIDS?
A review of four studies from different countries suggests there may be a link between swaddling babies for sleep and sudden infant death syndrome, and suggests some precautions.

New CDC campaign reminds docs, nurses that "clean hands count"
Today, World Hand Hygiene Day, CDC is launching the new "Clean Hands Count" campaign urging healthcare professionals, patients, and patients' loved ones to prevent healthcare-associated infections...

Missed nursing care may contribute to racial disparities in rehospitalizations after AMI
The Penn Nursing study is the first to assess whether unmet nursing care contributes to racial/ethnic differences in patients with acute myocardial infarction.

Scheduled senior obstetrician presence in UK labour wards is not associated with decreased intrapartum morbidity
Maternal and neonatal intrapartum outcomes in the UK are similar during "in-hours," when a senior obstetrician is scheduled to be present on the labour ward, and "out-of-hours," when care is...

Night shift work may affect women more than men
After living in a controlled dark-light environment that shifted their sleep-wake cycle away from their inbuilt 24-hour clock, women showed more cognitive impairment than men.

Multifaceted quality improvement intervention does not reduce risk of death in ICUs
Implementation of a multifaceted quality improvement intervention with daily checklists, goal setting, and clinician prompting did not reduce in-hospital mortality compared with routine care among...

General practice in England nearing 'saturation point' as study reveals extent of GP workload increase
The largest analysis of GP and nurse consultations to date shows that workloads in general practice have increased by 16% over the past 7 years, with more frequent and longer consultations.

Out-of-hospital births are on the rise
United States' out-of-hospital births increased to nearly 60,000 in 2014, continuing a decade-long increase.

Certain mealtime practices at hospitals may help patients eat better
New research confirms that hospital patients often eat poorly, and that the hospital mealtime environment may contribute to this problem.