Nursing Related Headlines

Intimate partner violence experienced by 22.7 percent of pregnant women
A new study analyses the violent behaviours exhibited towards pregnant women. While 21% of women suffer emotional violence during pregnancy, 3.6% encounter physical or sexual violence.

Nursing care for pregnant women who contract Ebola
A pregnant woman in Africa who has contracted Ebola is likely to suffer with a spontaneous abortion, pregnancy-related hemorrhage, or the death of her newborn.

Government healthcare spending linked to maternal mortality rates across the EU
Reductions in government healthcare spending in the European Union (EU) are associated with increased maternal mortality rates, suggests a new paper published in BJOG: An International Journal of...

Nursing experts investigate whether hourly hospital ward rounds improve quality of care
Researchers from Kingston University and St George's, University of London are examining whether hourly ward rounds really do help nurses deliver safe, compassionate, patient-centred care.

Why do home birth rates remain so low despite evidence that they minimise the risk of medical intervention and hospital infection?
Research published in Health, Risk & Society discusses why home birth rates remain so low despite evidence that they minimise the risk of medical intervention and hospital infection.

Large-scale ob unit closures: better planning needed to improve mother-infant outcomes, reduce stress on health systems, staff
What does it mean for expectant mothers and hospitals when there are large-scale closures of maternity units?

Care experience does not make students better nurses, study shows
Nursing students with previous caring experience are less likely to perform better academically and clinically than those who have none, research shows.

Largest study on hospital alarm fatigue records more than 2.5 million alarms in one month
Jessica Zegre-Hemsey, a cardiac monitoring expert at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and her colleagues at the University of California San Francisco, revealed more than 2.

Reporting adverse events: new online learning modules for health professionals, Australia
A new educational initiative by NPS MedicineWise and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) aims to improve both the quality and quantity of adverse event reporting relating to medicines...

Care for children and young people with epilepsy in the UK getting better, reveals latest audit
Findings from Round 2 of the Epilepsy12 national audit of epilepsy care for children and young people reveal some significant improvements including the number of Children's Epilepsy Specialist...

The NHS must improve evaluation if it is to lead the country on healthy staff
The NHS needs to better evaluate its internal health and wellbeing programmes if it is to secure itself as a national leader on healthy staff.

2013-14 figures released for reported physical assaults against NHS staff
NHS Protect today released the 2013-14 figures for reported physical assaults against NHS staff in England. These figures were collated from 266 health bodies across the country.

New three-tier hierarchy of care needed for critically ill children, says new report, UK
Children's health experts are calling for a new three-tier hierarchy system of critical care, enhanced staff training, reorganisation of services and a more consistent funding model to bridge the...

Positive relationships strengthen nurses' performance in low-income countries
When health workers develop positive, collaborative relationships with managers and local community leaders in rural Guatemala, their capacity to help vulnerable populations is increased, according...

"Antibiogram" use in nursing facilities could help improve antibiotic use, effectiveness
Use of "antibiograms" in skilled nursing facilities could improve antibiotic effectiveness and help address problems with antibiotic resistance that are becoming a national crisis, researchers...

Colon cancer screening follow-up assisted by nurse navigators
Group Health patients with a positive screening test for colon cancer (a stool test or sigmoidoscopy) tended to be more likely to get the recommended follow-up test, a diagnostic colonoscopy, if...

80 percent reduction in 'alarm fatigue' in hospitals
The sound of monitor alarms in hospitals can save patients' lives, but the frequency with which the monitors go off can also lead to "alarm fatigue," in which caregivers become densensitized to the...

Enough is enough: drunks in EDs being violent and harming others, Australia
In the largest survey of alcohol harm in emergency departments undertaken in Australasia, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) has demonstrated that alcohol harm is having a...

New guidance to tackle stress, cause of one-third of NHS staff sickness absence
NHS Employers have published comprehensive guidance to help managers throughout the NHS reduce stress in the workplace and better support staff who experience it.

UK healthcare workers to be quizzed about fighting Ebola in west Africa
UK healthcare workers are being encouraged to complete a survey about helping with the Ebola outbreak in west Africa.

Hospital logs staggering 2.5 million alarms in just a month
Following the study of a hospital that logged more than 2.5 million patient monitoring alarms in just one month, researchers at UC San Francisco have, for the first time, comprehensively defined...

Tightened guidance for U.S. healthcare workers on personal protective equipment for Ebola
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tightening previous infection control guidance for healthcare workers caring for patients with Ebola, to ensure there is no ambiguity.

Mild traumatic brain injury can have lasting effects for families, reports the American Journal of Nursing
Families of patients with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) may expect them to return to normal quickly - after all, it's "just a concussion.

Ebola's deadly toll on healthcare workers
Since its first outbreak in Guinea in December, 2013, Ebola has hit West African healthcare providers disproportionately hard.

Better performance on quality measures for skilled nursing facilities may not result in better outcomes for patients
Among fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries who received care at a skilled nursing facility following hospital discharge, better performance on various measures of quality of care was not...