Nursing Related Headlines

New Emergency Nurses Association study examines moral distress in emergency nurses
Breakthrough findings suggest moral distress is unique in ED settingA first-of-its-kind study from Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), published online in the Journal of Emergency Nursing, finds...

New article identifies issues for transgender treatment in emergency departments
Emergency Nurses Association highlights need for transgender patient care awarenessA new article about a transgender patient's "freak show" experience in a U.S.

How different types of nurses impact the health of patients with diabetes
More than 28,000 nurses in the UK can prescribe the same medicines as doctors provided that it is in their level of experience and competence.

Shortage of nurses not as dire as predicted, but challenges remain to meet nation's needs
News for the nation's nursing workforce isn't as dire as had been predicted a decade ago, but the nation is still expected to be short of nurses in coming years, according to new research by...

Indigenous neonatal care program helps mothers and babies, Australia
A community-based antenatal program designed to provide access to culturally appropriate care for pregnant Indigenous women in southern metropolitan Perth has shown encouraging signs of improving...

New method could help nurses spot delirium quickly
Asking just two questions may be able to help nurses and doctors quickly and easily identify delirium in hospitalized older adults, according to health researchers.

BCCDC puts call out for more doctors and nurses to help monitor for flu
Experts at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) are already gearing up to monitor flu-like illness for the coming season and they're looking for more community doctors and nurses to help.

Nurses more likely to suffer emotional exhaustion by working 12 hour shifts or longer
Research carried out by NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Wessex has found that hospital nurses who work longer than 12 hour shifts have a higher risk...

Stringent Home Office rules puts patient safety at risk by denying nurses entry into the UK
Around 1000 nurses from outside of the European Union have been rejected to date by the Home Office with a further 1000 nurses expected to apply to work in the UK in the next 6 months.

NHS privatisation creating "oppressive regime" for some staff, research says
The transfer of NHS services to private companies risks creating a divide among staff, with some taking the opportunity for "liberation" with others encountering an "oppressive regime" from their...

24-hour OBs, midwives lead to less C-sections
Privately insured pregnant women are less likely to have C-sections when their regular care includes midwives and 24-hour obstetrician coverage, according to a study by researchers at UC San...

"Substantial" number of NHS hospital staff treat victims of human trafficking
A "substantial" proportion of NHS hospital staff - around one in eight, in some places - treat the victims of people trafficking, with maternity services most likely to do so, finds research...

Home births save money, are safe, UBC study finds
Having a baby at home can save thousands of dollars over a hospital birth and is just as safe for low-risk births, according to a new UBC study.

Survey reveals best practices that lead to high patient ratings of hospital care
Simple, low-tech practices, such as proactive rounds by nurses and hospital leadership, make a difference, Johns Hopkins study findsFast Facts: Study reveals simple things hospitals can...

Cancer patients lose faith in healthcare system if referred late by GP
If it takes more than three trips to the GP to be referred for cancer tests, patients are more likely to be dissatisfied with their overall care, eroding confidence in the doctors and nurses who go...

Home births lead to higher infant mortality at least for mothers living in poorer areas
Dutch mothers in poorer areas at riskHome births lead to higher infant mortality than hospital births, at least for mothers living in poorer areas.

NYU nursing and medical students learn teamwork with virtual teammates
Virtual interprofessional education found to be an effective learning tool.The Institute of Medicine has identified interprofessional education (IPE) as a key innovation for achieving the triple...

Highly qualified healthcare workers with migrant background: a loss to the country of origin, too little opportunity in the destination country
A recent intercontinental study, conducted by the Centre for Public Health, Department of General Medicine of MedUni Vienna using the example of women from sub-Saharan Africa, has shown that, on...

Healthcare workers are not removing protective garments correctly
Fewer than one in six (4/30) healthcare workers (HCW) followed all CDC recommendations for the removal of personal protective equipment (PPE) after patient care, according to a brief report...

Study: Health-care providers hold biases based on sexual orientation
UW author says findings highlight need for more training of providers in cultural sensitivityIn the first study that looks at a variety of healthcare providers and their implicit attitudes...

Study: Low cost interventions can improve patient and staff safety in mental health wards
A recent study, published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, reveals a set of ten low-cost interventions that can increase safety on psychiatric wards.

Regular exposure to death and trauma causes death anxiety in emergency nurses
Emergency nurses are highly susceptible to death anxiety and employers must recognise this and put support in place to improve the health of their staff and patient care.

Call for breastfeeding guidance for babies with Down's syndrome
Despite compelling evidence about the benefits of breastfeeding little is known about the breastfeeding experiences of mothers of infants with Down's syndrome.

NHS Protect calls for consistent lone worker protection after survey highlights gaps
As NHS workers become more mobile and provide more services out in the community, NHS Protect has completed a comprehensive survey of lone worker protection across the NHS in England, and found...

Data shows disconnect between healthcare professionals and patient perceptions of impact of chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
Norgine B.V. has presented new data highlighting a perceptual gap between healthcare professionals and patients in terms of the incidence and impact on patients' daily life of chemotherapy and...