Nursing Related Headlines

Research on medical abortion and miscarriage may change international routines
Two scientific studies led by researchers at Sweden's Karolinska Institutet are expected to form the basis of new international recommendations for the treatment of medical abortions and...

New guidance for looked after children includes call for increased time for named doctors to assess and support patients, UK
There are an estimated 92,000 children in care across the UK, many with complex health and well-being needs - and professionals caring for them are crucial to ensuring the poor health, education...

AMA recommends responsible and informed use of restraint in aged care, Australia
The AMA has revised its Position Statement on Restraint in the Care of People in Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Mental health report finds staffing problems linked to ward suicides
Suicidal patients who are under observation may be put at risk by relying on inexperienced staff and agency nurses, according to a new report.

Male nurses are paid more than female nurses - a pay gap that shows no sign of decreasing
Although the Equal Pay Act has narrowed gender pay gaps in many industries, inequality persists in medicine and nursing, according to a new study.

Female health workers increased use of health services in hard-to-reach rural area
Female community health extension workers deployed to a remote rural community in northern Nigeria led to major and sustained increases in service utilization, including antenatal care and...

Bodysuit or sleep sack? That is the serious question
Scientists at the Laboratoire √Čthologie Animale et Humaine (CNRS/Universit√© de Rennes 1), working in collaboration with a neonatologist from Brest University Hospital, observed the effect of...

The health of NHS staff is increasingly supported, say employers responding to RCP report
The health and wellbeing of NHS staff is increasingly supported and needs to be a core part of planning, says the NHS Employers organisation.

Presentation is key in antenatal information, research suggests
The font type of written text and how easy it is to read can be influential when it comes to engaging people with important health information and recruiting them for potentially beneficial...

Less than two thirds of trusts have a plan in place for NHS staff health and wellbeing
A new report launched today from the Royal College of Physicians shows that staff health and wellbeing in the NHS is too often seen as an optional extra - as less than two thirds of trusts (65%)...

Crisis in 0 to 19 health services: Six key threats identified, UK
Midwifery, health visiting and school nursing services play an essential role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of children from conception to adulthood, yet there are many issues affecting all...

Community nurses urged to highlight dangers of female genital mutilation
In their trusted professional capacity, community nurses are well placed to develop effective collaboration with patients and families to tackle the harmful and illegal procedure of female genital...

Women unaware of specialist phone services in late pregnancy, UK
Researchers in England have found women are accessing advice via out-of-hours services when they could be accessing maternity services directly.

Choice of monitoring method could be key for babies with poor growth in the womb
Babies that grow poorly in the womb could have better outcomes if a method for the timing of delivery was used more widely, a study suggests.

New care model enhances psychological, cognitive and physical recovery of ICU survivors
The Critical Care Recovery Center care model -- the nation's first collaborative care concept focusing on the extensive cognitive, physical and psychological recovery needs of intensive care unit...

LSBU expert argues for investment in specialist nurses, UK
The NHS must consider investment in nurses with specialist training in advanced practice to ultimately reduce costs and increase efficiency, according to an expert in healthcare at London South...

Ten measures to drive quality palliative and hospice care
Patients with serious and life-threatening illnesses may be less likely to experience unnecessary physical and emotional suffering if they receive palliative or hospice care that meets 10 key...

Primary care nurse-delivered consultations and pedometer monitoring can increase physical activity in older adults
A primary care nurse-delivered intervention can lead to sustained increases in physical activity (PA) among older adults, according to an article published by Tess Harris of St George's University...

Exercise ball used in delivery process decreases labor time, reduces number of C-sections
According to a new study by nurse researchers at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, a Phoenix hospital part of Banner Health, a peanut-shaped exercise ball can be a highly effective tool to...

The effect of expanded midwifery on cesarean delivery
Changing the labor and delivery care system decreases cesarean deliveryIn a study to be presented on Feb. 5 in an oral plenary session at 8 a.m.

Practicing nursing care in a virtual world
Oculus Rift, a gaming headset, can help teach nurses how to communicate better, researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have found.

Mode of delivery in childbirth associated with pain during or after sexual intercourse
Operative birth is associated with persisting pain during or after sexual intercourse, known as dyspareunia, suggests a new study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and...

How should women be positioned to give birth?
New research is challenging what many obstetricians and physician anesthesiologists believe is the best way to position women during labor.

Threats of physical violence common for staff at psychiatric hospitals
In a survey of 348 workers at a large psychiatric hospital, 99% of the staff reported verbal conflict with patients, and 70% reported being assaulted during the previous 12 months.

First organ transplants from a newborn baby performed in UK
After successfully transplanting kidneys and liver cells from a newborn baby into two other patients - a first for the UK - doctors praise the extreme generosity of the parents.