Nursing Related Headlines

Management style affects quality of care and retention among nurses
A recent study shows that encouraging nurses to work towards a collective goal within a supportive milieu - a style of management called transformational leadership - can have positive effects on...

Evidence-based health care: the care you want, but might not be getting - study reveals one reason hospitals struggle with quality, safety and costs
As hospital leaders continue to feel pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, a new study reveals one reason why many organizations fall short.

Breastfeeding saves lives, boosts economies in rich and poor countries
Every year, 800,000 child deaths, 20,000 breast cancer deaths and $302 billion in costs could be prevented if all countries increased breastfeeding, says a new series of papers.

Air pollution tied to premature birth
Pregnant women who are exposed to high levels of fine particle air pollution - especially in the third trimester - are more likely to give birth prematurely, new study finds.

Fewer than 1 in 5 nurses comply with guidelines for standard precautions
Only 17.4 percent of ambulatory care nurses reported compliance in all nine standard precautions for infection prevention, according to a study published in the January issue of the American...

New adult critical care guidelines seek to improve patient outcomes
New guidelines providing updated recommendations on nutrition therapy methods, procedures, and tools for healthcare providers involved in nutrition therapy of the critically ill were published by...

NHS secures tighter EU rules to keep unsafe doctors and nurses away
On Monday (18 January 2016) new rules enter into force governing the free movement of professionals (including health professionals) around the European Union (EU).

British Society for Rheumatology publishes new guidelines on prescribing anti-rheumatic drugs in pregnancy and breastfeeding to aid decision making
The new BSR guidelines make a number of specific recommendations for the use of standard and/or biologic disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), providing crucial advice for clinicians...

Trauma team members face risk of 'compassion fatigue' and burnout
Trauma team members are at risk of compassion fatigue and burnout syndrome, as supported by the new research by Gina M.

Racial disparity in premature births contributes significantly to infant mortality problem
Black women are nearly four times more likely than white women to have a baby born between 16 and 22 weeks gestation, a time period in which the life of a baby outside the womb is not viable.

Simplifying malaria treatment could help children and save nursing time, says new research
One child dies from malaria every 30 seconds in Africa, but a new treatment strategy could help healthcare workers tackle the disease in a simpler way, research has revealed.

New online diagnostic support tool set to transform children's health, UK
Paediatric Care Online, hosted by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, may reduce child deaths by ensuring children receive the best possible treatment before they become too unwell...

What are the risks of giving birth inside and outside a hospital setting?
The out-of-hospital birth setting in Oregon was associated with a higher risk of perinatal death, while the in-hospital birth setting was associated with a higher risk for cesarean delivery and...

Post-birth skin-to-skin contact reduces infant death
For infants with a low birthweight, skin-to-skin contact lowers the risk of death, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics.

Home births not linked to increased risk of complications
A large study reveals that planned home births do not put babies or their mothers at increased risk of harm, compared with planned hospital births.

Women experiencing delay in labour willing to forsake their own birth plans
Choice less important than safe delivery for women in this situation.A new study of women's experiences of delay in labour has revealed that many mums-to-be are prepared to abandon their...

Avoid applying olive and sunflower oil to healthy newborns' skin
A new study suggests applying olive or sunflower oil to the skin of healthy newborns may delay growth of the barrier that prevents water loss and blocks allergens and infections.

Nurse staffing and work environments affect survival after in-hospital cardiac arrest
Patients with in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) have low survival rates--but why do some hospitals achieve higher survival than others?

FoI request reveals NHS Trusts lack cyber security training
NHS Trusts across England do not have adequate training programmes in place to ensure their employees are guarded against cyber threats.

Nursing community on path to transformation since IOM future of nursing report five years ago
Since the 2010 Institute of Medicine report 'The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health' was issued, significant progress has been made related to many of the report's recommendations...

Can the oxygen in the blood be measured if the nails have been painted?
A study by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country indicates that the slight alteration in a pulse oximeter reading caused by nail varnish is clinically irrelevant.

As 2nd anniversary nears of Ebola breakout in West Africa, nurse provides firsthand account of combating Ebola
International nurse volunteers responding to the Ebola outbreak in West African encountered death on nearly every shift and worked under conditions that challenged their ingenuity in providing even...

Is giving birth at the weekend more dangerous?
New research delves into the worrying implications for mother and child of being born on a Saturday or Sunday, rather than a weekday.

2014-15 figures released for reported physical assaults against NHS staff in England
The 2014-15 figures for reported physical assaults against NHS staff in England have been released, provided by all NHS trusts in England and collated by NHS Protect.

Critical gaps in antenatal care identified in cases of term stillbirths
Expert enquiry identifies key steps for hospitals to improve care for pregnant mums and babiesA new study launched today (Thursday 19 November) has revealed key steps for hospitals to improve...