Nursing Related Headlines

Antibiotic overuse risk in aged care residential setting in Australia
The overuse of antibiotics in Australian residential aged care facilities requires special attention and guidelines beyond those used in other settings, according to research published in the...

US nursing supplies boosted by RNs' delayed retirement
Older registered nurses are working longer than in the past, one reason that the nation's supply of RNs has grown substantially in recent years, according to a new study.

Pill appearance and medication compliance; protecting men from suicide; nurses may effectively manage outpatient care
1. Pill appearance affects how patients take their medicationsWhen it comes to taking generic heart medications, appearance matters, according to a study published in Annals of Internal...

Nurses may effectively manage outpatient care of chronic diseases
Nurse-led protocols are effective for managing outpatient care of chronic illnesses, according to an article being published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

First ever free IPF information packs now available in UK
The British Lung Foundation (BLF) has published the first ever comprehensive idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) information packs available to doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to share with...

Maternity home visits saved lives in poor Memphis neighborhoods
Maternity care from pregnancy through to toddlerhood reduced death rates for both mothers and children in deprived areas of Memphis, according to a new study.

Preterm newborns '30-50% more likely to survive in busy neonatal centers'
In the UK, high-volume neonatal centers were found to increase the chances of survival for babies born prematurely by 30%, and by 50% for very premature births.

Nutrition and health 'have greater influence on newborn's size than race'
The wide disparities between average size of newborns in different countries was assumed to be caused by race. A new study suggests other factors have greater influence.

Pediatric nurses use four habits model to prepare for emotionally difficult discussions
A child's illness and hospitalization are extremely stressful for both the child and the parents.

Doctor warns headaches during pregnancy could 'mask' serious conditions
A doctor based at Southampton's university hospitals has warned headaches during pregnancy could "mask" serious underlying health conditions.

Flexi device set to smooth waters in birthing process
Pregnant women and midwives could benefit from a new tool designed to make water births safer and easier.

Healthcare providers needed for survey on patient health behaviors
Healthcare providers are needed to participate in an online survey as part of research being conducted at Baylor College of Medicine that is exploring the influence of primary care practitioners in...

Spotlight on nurse anesthetists in Clinical Scholars Review
As a profession, nurse anesthesia is at a tipping point. While recent federal legislation and changes to the U.S.

Implications of mandatory flu vaccinations for health care workers
Employers planning to implement mandatory influenza vaccination policies for health care workers need to understand the implications, according to an analysis published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical...

For placement of feeding tubes in pediatric patients, new guidelines and technology needed
Universal guidelines and improvements in technology are needed to reduce injuries and deaths from improper placement of nasogastric feeding tubes in pediatric patients, according to a comprehensive...

Doctors and nurses use free online game to improve patients' hypertension
An online game that teaches doctors and nurses blood pressure-lowering options resulted in their patients reaching a normal blood pressure faster than patients whose healthcare providers received the...

Reducing resident hours may have unintended negative effects
Reducing medical resident duty hours may have unforeseen consequences; changes must be made carefully and evaluated rigorously to ensure patient safety and resident well-being, according to an...

Significant variation in standards of care for people dying in hospitals
A new audit on the provision of care for people dying in hospitals has found significant variations in care across hospitals in England.

Complacency in asthma care must end, says first confidential enquiry report from Royal College of Physicians
Asthma is still killing people. The confidential enquiry, the National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD), is calling for an end to complacency around asthma care so that more is done to save lives.

Candid 'insider' views on quality and safety in the NHS could help detect reasons for poor care, say researchers
Asking NHS staff about what affects whether they would recommend their organisation for family and friends is an important source of intelligence for improving quality and safety of care, says a...

Immigrants from certain regions may be at increased risk for pregnancy complications
According to new research from St. Michael's Hospital, pregnant immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Caribbean islands may require increased monitoring during pregnancy.

Technological advances in fetal cardiology are recognized in new guidelines
Progress in advanced imaging technologies have prompted new fetal cardiology guidelines, which also now place an emphasis on psychological care of the mother and family.

Is it time to change the way babies are held immediately after birth?
To encourage the use of delayed cord clamping - a procedure that can reduce risk of iron deficiencies in newborns - researchers examine more comfortable ways of holding the baby.

Experienced nurses are most cost-effective; longer nurse tenure on hospital units leads to higher quality care
When it comes to the cost and quality of hospital care, nurse tenure and teamwork matters.

New delirium severity score helps to predict outcomes for hospitalized patients
A new delirium severity score proves accurate for predicting important clinical outcomes in hospitalized patients, according to an article published in Annals of Internal Medicine.